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Memoir Writing for Christians

Raise Your Voice Like a Trumpet Memoir Writing

The world needs your story! Award-winning Cheryl Krichbaum guides you through writing your own story, from finding your focus to choosing the right words to preparing your manuscript.

CC Challenge B Short Stories online course with award-winning author and former Challenge B Director Cheryl Krichbaum

Classical Conversations Challenge B Short Stories Online Course

CLASSICAL CONVERSATIONS CHALLENGE B ONLY. Other students should enroll in "Authoring Short Stories," which will be available fall 2023.

How does the Rhetorical Canon apply to your assignment? How do you invent a plot that's interesting to you and engaging to your audience? How do you apply the writing skills you already have to your short story? Allow me, award-winning author & former CC Challenge B Director Cheryl Krichbaum, to show you tricks of the trade and guide you through your writing process.


From IEW to LTW

For students & teachers: A guide to writing essays using Lost Tools of Writing 1 (LTW1). Apply what you already know from IEW or other writing curricula to LTW1 essays, and scale up or scale back based on your needs.

Science Study Skills with Cathy Cordova, rocket scientist turned homeschool mom

Science Study Skills

Learn the practical skill of outlining the chapter of a science textbook in order to study the concepts and vocabulary required by your high school and college science classes. Your instructor, Mrs. Cathy Cordova, is literally a rocket scientist! FREE one-night Zoom class with downloadable resources.

Worship & Music

Famous Composers

Famous Composers

This inexpensive resource includes audio and video recordings of succinct summary sentences that capture the main features of periods in music history and the best-known accomplishments of famous composers who defined those periods. Also includes images of the composers and links to recordings of their famous compositions. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern: Handel, Bach, Vivaldi, Pachelbel, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, and Stravinsky.

Math in Motion for Classical Conversations Challenge III

Math in Motion

Worship Pastor Andrew Towler leads you through Math in Motion: First Steps for Music Theory, the fall Reasoning strand for Classical Conversations Challenge 3.

Abortion & Sex Ed

The Missing Sex Ed Lessons

The Missing Sex Ed Lessons

Faith- and science-based course that equips teenagers to delay sexual encounters so that they avoid STIs, crisis pregnancies, and challenging relationships. The course includes Bible, neurology, biology, social science, and the biblical meaning of "my body is a temple." Positive. Empowering. Pro-life.

Viable Act II

Viable Act II

Viable is a one-act play that stirs deep and often buried emotions about abortion. Viable Act II is a facilitated healing experience that helps people look behind their own curtains to understand how deeply Viable is already healing them.

Healing Abortion Pill Trauma: Sounding the Alarm

Healing Abortion Pill Trauma

Watch the video of the April 7, 2022 summit to hear about the effects of the abortion pills, what we're expecting to see in the near future, and how we can reach traumatized women for life and for Christ. The discussion is led by Sylvia Blakely, RN.

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