Comparison Essay Webinar

2-Day Online Webinar for Christian students, Homeschool Parents & Classical Conversations Directors

Recorded from May 13-14, 2024


90-minutes each day

Recorded for playback

Plus downloadables

WHO this is for…

  • Christian Students

  • Christian homeschool parents

  • Classical Conversations Challenge 1 & 2 Directors

Learn to Write a Comparison Essay in 3 Hours!

In this workshop, learn to…

  • Inventory content

  • Write thesis statements

  • Arrange outlines two different ways

  • Include transition words that provide clarity

  • Write literary devices that naturally show comparison

DAY 1: Inventory content with God's help

DAY 2: Arrange to show comprehension or synthesis then write with style

  • Involving God in your writing process

  • Answering 5Ws & H

  • Comparing & contrasting

  • Inventorying content by defining terms, considering the causes & effects, circumstances, and more

  • Writing that pesky thesis statement

  • Arranging the outline 2 different ways

  • Including transition words that provide clarity

  • Writing with style that naturally shows comparison


  • Inventory worksheet (tool for collecting content using the 5 common topics, including comparing and contrasting)

  • Comparison worksheets


  • Rubric

  • Lists of transition words

  • 2 Outlines

  • Style checklist

What others say...

Large Call to Action Headline

Imagine for one moment…

You register for the workshop.

You learn my professional writing process and identify the memoir or talk God has in you.

You get your story structure.

You're now invited to speak on it…

You're asked to be a guest on podcasts.

Your confidence is through the roof. 

And you’re just getting started.

Other things in life start to change as well.

Your credibility is elevating.

Your peace of mind is greater than ever before because you are stepping out faithfully.

And it all started from one decision you made today.

If  you're ready to…

  • share your story at church or events

  • write your story

  • become a published author

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Still on the fence?

Here are some questions you might have:


This is VIRTUAL training from my LIVE Zoom workshop. The workshop will be recorded so that you can review as you need.


Yes, this training is a $57 workshop offered by a professional writer and composition teacher offered live a couple times per year. The goal is to jumpstart your comparison essay writing.


Nope, there won’t be any pitches. This training will be 100% value.


This training is not another talking head. We will compare and contrast together and organize content. The workshop is live, and you will have ample time to ask questions.


Perfect! This workshop was created for those new to comparison essays as well as those who vaguely recall writing comparison essays but want a refresher.

What's your background, Cheryl?

I am a composition teacher previously to college students and now to Christian homeschoolers, but I'm a writing teacher different than any you've met—just ask my students! I have a bachelor’s degree in Scientific and Technical Communication plus the coursework for a master's from the University of Minnesota. I studied the writing process and teaching resistant writers including those with Aspergers/Autism Level 1 and ADHD. I am a homeschool mom of sons who completed Classical Conversations Challenges A, B, 1, 2, & 3; a former Challenge B Director; and an American Literature and short story teacher currently at a local homeschool co-op. I teach both adults and high school students how to use the best of the ancient ways (like those used by Cicero and the Apostle Paul) and modern techniques and technologies while co-writing with God using our Holy Spirit Advantage. In addition, I am an award-winning author, developmental editor, line editor, and copy editor. You'll find me to be a practical, encouraging composition coach.

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