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Classical Conversations

Challenge B

Short Stories Online Course

for students, Parent-Teachers, and Directors

Become an author with the Holy Spirit Advantage!

Worried about your short story assignment?

Not sure what to write about?

Looking for Practical Processes for Writing Professional Prose?

Did you notice my alliteration?

My own teens resist writing despite having a parent-teacher who is an award-winning author and writing coach. So, I showed them how to use the rhetorical canon to complete the assignment while writing about something they enjoyed. They got it done with less stress!

Did you notice my rhyme?

I knew how to teach writing to college students, but when I began homeschooling, I had to learn how to teach my elementary student—who said he hated writing!

(The photo above is my oldest who is now 6'4" tall!)

With my degree from a Department of Rhetoric, I know the rhetorical canon and the prewriting-writing-revising process well.

While teaching college students, I excelled at teaching invention tools.

While teaching my boys, we became good at recording our ideas!

With my degree in Scientific and Technical Communication, I knew how to write clearly and concisely.

Not until homeschooling through LTW and Analogies for All of Us did I fully appreciate literary devices.

Now I see literary devices in whatever I'm reading, from The Hiding Place to The Art of War to the Bible!

But God, through His infinite wisdom, taught me, as I wrote my own award-winning story, how to co-write with His Holy Spirit.

He wants us to be successful, and He gives wisdom to all who ask!

How Do We Make Our Stories Compelling?

with the

Holy Spirit Advantage!

  • Recognize literary devices in the classically written short stories you're reading

  • Use writing skills you already know from IEW, LTW, and Analogies for All of Us

  • Create story plots and characters you care about

  • Break through writer's block with your Holy Spirit Advantage!

  • Recognize literary devices in the classically written short stories you're reading

  • Use writing skills you already know from IEW, LTW, and Analogies for All of Us

  • Create story plots and characters you care about

  • Break through writer's block with your Holy Spirit Advantage!

What Does This Program Do for You?

Power of the Holy Spirit

I am in Him & He is in Me

Jesus asked, "So if you know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?” (Luke 11:13)

Learn to co-write with God as you collaboratively change the world for His glory.

Practical Processes

Tools, Tips, Techniques

We know the second semester of Challenge B is challenging.

But I've gathered the best writing techniques from classical writers, modern teaching, and my own experience writing an award-winning memoir.

You will begin to write confidently and to enjoy how God empowered you to write well.

Professional Prose

Clear, Concise, Compelling

The stories you're assigned to read have survived to today because they were well written for their audiences.

You, too, can write clear, concise, compelling, maybe even comedic or concerning compositions using skills you already know.




Who? What? Where? When?



  • students (whether neurotypical or not)

  • parent-teachers

  • Directors



  • weekly live Zoom calls, recorded

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  • Mondays 8 pm Eastern Time starting January 2, 2023

  • All videos recorded for those who can't make the live Zoom

  • If you're ahead of my schedule, watch last year's videos until we catch up to you (which is usually after President's Day—see course outline below)

About Mrs. Krichbaum

Cheryl Krichbaum

“God wants you to be successful!”

Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Writing Coach

  • award-winning author

  • B.S. Scientific & Technical Communication, University of Minnesota Department of Rhetoric

  • unfinished M.A. Rhetoric and Scientific & Technical Communication with emphasis in instructional technology from the same department

  • taught professional portfolios to undergraduates

  • researched writing and web design process and the rhetorical canon

  • taught Scientific Writing to college sophomores

  • taught Technical Writing to college juniors

  • wrote online-help system

  • wrote course websites

  • wrote training and train-the-trainer manuals

  • wrote corporate e-newsletters

  • corporate clients included 3M, Ameriprise, Northwest Airlines, Federal Reserve

  • homeschool mom

  • researched teaching elementary homeschool students the writing process

  • researched teaching resistant writers

  • former Classical Conversations Challenge B Director

  • parent-teacher of sons who completed Classical Conversations Challenges A, B, 1, 2, 3

What Alithea Says


Having Mrs. Krichbaum's class really gave me the time outside of class to discuss and refine my story. She helped me stay on top of writing and finishing my short story by setting several smaller deadlines so when the complete short story was due, I was not scrambling! As Mrs. Krichbaum always had us say,

I am an author, and

I have the Holy Spirit advantage!

I really enjoyed her course, and I would definitely recommend it to all upcoming short story writers!

2023 Course Outline


  • Rhetorical Canon & Writing Process

  • Inventorying Your Books, Movies, and more

  • Working with Your Holy Spirit Advantage

Create 5 Story Ideas

  • Turning Your Inventory in Ideas

Choose 1 Story Idea

  • Focusing on One Story Idea

  • Writing Your Story Description

Focus & Story Description

  • Writing Your Story Description

  • Connecting to Mock Trial

  • Leaving Out Details


  • Writing Your Setting Paragraph


  • Character Archetypes

  • Describing Your Main Character

More on Characters

  • Describing Your Main Character

  • Showing a Few Details about Other Characters

  • Overview of Rest of Semester


  • Freytag's Pyramid

  • Modern Structure

  • Word Processing

Plot Checklists

  • Plot Checklists

  • Sample Student Story

First Draft

  • Writing Dialogue

  • Getting Your Draft Done

  • Preparing for Peer Review

Peer Review

  • Formatting

  • Levels of Editing

  • Asking Questions

  • Learning to Love Edits


  • Punctuating Dialogue

  • Editing for American Standard English

  • Refining After Peer Review


  • Preparing Your Manuscript

  • Illustrations

  • About the Author

  • DIRECTORS: Notes on Publishing Books

  • DIRECTORS: Sample Front Matter

Taking a Break to Celebrate Holy Week

Illustrations & Author

  • Image Options

  • About the Author Examples

  • Formatting in MS Word & Google Docs

  • Audio Recording Secrets


  • Self-Publishing

  • Answering Remaining Questions

  • Mrs. Krichbaum's Secret Plan


  • Answering Remaining Questions

Writing Contest Deadline May 8, 2023

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