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Abortion & Sex Ed

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We cannot talk about abortion without talking about sex.

And we cannot talk about sex without talking about abortion.

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The number of post-abortion healing programs has grown because more and more women (and now men) realize how wonderful freedom from their past feels and want to share that same feeling of freedom with others. Through the listed organizations, you'll find both secular and religious options.

The group leaders are not holier-than-thou pro-lifers. They're women and men who had abortions themselves.

Pro-women clinics and centers focus on your needs and on keeping you healthy and safe.

Choose pro-women clinics whether you're in crisis or not. You support their pro-life work by making them your primary ob/gyn provider.

Effects of Abortion

Spiritual Effects of Abortion

Summit 2022:

Abortion Pill Trauma

Healing Abortion Pill Trauma

When you register for Abortion in the Church, you can also choose to gain access to Abortion Pill Trauma.

Abortion in the Church: Fostering Reconciliation with Christ

Bible on Abortion & Sex

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U.S. History of Abortion


Margaret Sanger was pro-eugenics and pro-contraception, but she was not pro-abortion.

Read more history of abortion in the U.S.

Sex Ed

The Missing Sex Ed Lessons--Positive, Empowering, Pro-Life

Faith- and science-based course that equips adults and teenagers to delay sexual encounters so that they avoid STIs, crisis pregnancies, and challenging relationships.

The course includes Bible, neurology, biology, social science, and the biblical meaning of "my body is a temple."

Complete Healing from Abortion

Raise Your Voice Like a Trumpet
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